Will Lee – Bluewhale Foundation

Will Lee – Bluewhale Foundation

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Will Lee – Bluewhale Foundation

Blue Whale Foundation aims to create the earth’s most worker-centric ecosystem. We are forming the largest network of employment and service pool for business and individuals to connect autonomously in the hyperconnected community which works for all and is owned by all. Decentralised network disrupts existing centralised platforms which have monopolised public resources, exacerbated economic inequality and increased the wealth gap. Blue Whale’s W.O.R.K. system is a revolutionary, sustainable cycle that fuels Sharing Economy. Whether you are a self-employed or a owner of small business, your benefit and welfare will be covered. The transparency achieved through blockchain technology means your earnest contribution in the market will be returned to you through Blue Whale’s Reward Bank. Coupled with no commission and free tools mean you no longer have to count pennies for marketing and advertising budget for your services.