Sankalp Shangari – LaLa World

Sankalp Shangari – LaLa World

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Sankalp Shangari – LaLa World

LALA means being happy and that is truly what we want to achieve. Gearing towards a decentralised financial ecosystem! LALA World is building an ecosystem, not just financial services for the unbanked and their families back home, health, education, employment, empowerment etc. providing one service alone will not help. This has to be a self sustainable network, an Ethos, an ecosystem to bring the suppressed out of poverty, all on one platform – LALA Wallet. We have tied up with governments, communities and NGOs to achieve this Herculean task. Combining peer to peer ledgers on blockchain to a noble cause, we truly want to help the unbanked out of poverty. Also we are blessed to have super advisors on board like Ari Paul, Han Kyul Park, Dato Sri Amin, Thomas Macillister etc.