Rajat Singhania – SocioRAC

🚀 Rajat Singhania – SocioRAC

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  • Self-Funded and Bootstrapped by the founder.
  • Looking to raise Pre-Series A funding of $500K to $1Million from Angels, VCs.
  • Looking to incorporate in Singapore with the Indian operations handling the backend development work.
  • Prefer to onboard investors with experience in SaaS, B2B software, Technology.


  • Market size in monetary terms not discussed during this conversation.


  • Currently there is digital data overload, especially over the mobile.
  • Employees on an average use 4-6 applications every day at work for multiple functions like calendar, note taking, storage, data sharing etc. – Data is distributed across these platforms.
  • Finding information from across multiple platforms and channels is time consuming.


  • Single online platform to store individual’s data spread across different platforms to enable seamless and quick access to the data at any point of time.

Revenue Model

  • SaaS model – Subscription charges from organization ($50/year per user for min. 20 users)
  • Currently, 400 Regular users and 4000 downloads.


  • Founder with 30+ years of entrepreneurial experience across various industries including technology
  • Team consists of CTO with 12 years experience in the field and development team based out of India.

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