Popular Medtech Startups on Pitchdeck Asia


Speedoc – Shravan Verma

Speedoc was founded in 2017 in Singapore, comprising of doctors, engineers and business executives that wanted to prove medical care need not be a lengthy, cumbersome experience. With the ageing population to address and improved access to technology, Speedoc built a complete end-to-end system for doctors and patients, so that house call doctor services can be provided with ease and minimal burden to people in the community. With Speedoc, home medical services need not be limited to only immobile patients, but to everyday people who may require GP or A&E visits for themselves or their loved ones.

Linkedin: Shravan Verma

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“A great experience! Great for profile building.”

“Thanks again for having me on the podcast, it was a great experience and has been great for profile building. It was a really well produced, professional experience and I think any founder will find it valuable.”
– Daniel West, CEO Panalyt
(former HR Head for Apple & Uber)

Panalyt appeared on Pitchdeck Asia to raise awareness of their pre-Series A raise and pitch to potential employees who want to join the team.

Founders Describe Their Pitchdeck Experience

Amrish Nair CEO Founder Biorithm

“It was fun… Normal pitch competitions are stressful. This way, however, it was stress-free and relaxed. We got to say everything we wanted.”

Biorithm – Amrish Nair

Founded by doctors & engineers, Biorithm is a medical signal processing company which has spun off from Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) in late 2015. Their mission is to build affordable and accessible cutting-edge technologies which benefit the whole healthcare ecosystem through their personalised healthcare data analytics engine.
Linkedin: Amrish Nair

Healint – Maryline Marquet

Maryline Marquet, COO – Healint, joined Graham Brown in the Pitchdeck Asia studio to talk about their company. She takes us through her personal journey working across geographies, with corporates in the field of Finance & Pharmaceuticals and her motivation & transition into the startup world. We also learn how Healint is working towards helping a huge majority of people suffering from common ailment like migraine and their endeavor to alleviate the issues prevalent due to under-diagnosis & improper diagnosis of this very common health issue.
Maryline Marquet

AUM Biosciences – Vishal Doshi

AUM Biosciences is an oncology-focused biotechnology company that aims to accelerate the development of innovative, affordable medicines for patients in Asia and around the world. AUM Biosciences focuses on early-stage development of innovative medicines for the treatment of Asian-prevalent cancers. With an aim to build a pipeline of five assets by 2020, AUM Biosciences will in-license assets from academia and industry partners with a focus on small molecules. AUM Biosciences is led by a highly-experienced management team with more than 50 years of high-quality oncology drug development experience combined.
Linkedin: Vishal Doshi

Rock Human Devices – Stuart Kerr

Rock Human Devices now rebranded as AKUOS: Working on the world’s most stylish bone conduction hearing aid. We are making people hear after previously giving up all hope. Founded by ex-Dyson engineer, Stuart Kerr, AKUOS wants to remove the stigma from bone-conductive hearing loss and make medical devices cool.
Linkedin: Stuart Kerr

NDR Medical – Alan Goh

NDR Medical Technology, a Singapore based company incorporated in 2014 by ex-A*Star research Scientist & Engineer with specialisation in Robotics and Imaging. With more than 20 years of industry experience. Awarded SPRING POC+POV and NTUitive SRIF to develop and commercialize an image-guided surgical robotic automated needle positioning system for minimally invasive surgery.
Linkedin: Alan Goh

Biosensorix – Luka Fajs

Biosensorix is a privately held diagnostic company that provides affordable tools enabling fast and accurate life-saving decisions. The company is focused on bringing quantitation to rapid point-of-care testing, allowing earlier and precise treatment that will benefit patients in developing countries and worldwide. The initial technologies target dengue diagnosis and will extend to disease marker detection areas where quantitation is vital and currently unmet.
Linkedin: Luka Fajs

Shapecrunch – Nitin Gandhi

Shapecrunch makes custom 3D printed insoles for people with foot problems such as Flat foot, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetic foot etc through scan with our app, available on Playstore and app store. The technology is being used by several clinics in India, Singapore and US.
Linkedin: Nitin Gandhi