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Impress.ai – Vaisagh Viswanathan

Created to help your team automate the hiring process, engage qualified people sooner, and focus on what really matters – finding the right candidate faster.
Linkedin: Vaisagh Viswanathan

Who Enters Pitchdeck Asia?

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“A great experience! Great for profile building.”

“Thanks again for having me on the podcast, it was a great experience and has been great for profile building. It was a really well produced, professional experience and I think any founder will find it valuable.”
– Daniel West, CEO Panalyt
(former HR Head for Apple & Uber)

Panalyt appeared on Pitchdeck Asia to raise awareness of their pre-Series A raise and pitch to potential employees who want to join the team.

Founders Describe Their Pitchdeck Experience

Amrish Nair CEO Founder Biorithm

“It was fun… Normal pitch competitions are stressful. This way, however, it was stress-free and relaxed. We got to say everything we wanted.”

Pulsifi – Jay Huang

At Pulsifi, we believe that there is a pulse to each person, that defines who we are, what we are good at, and what we can become. Our vision is to help people and organizations realize their pulse.
Linkedin: Jay Huang

Janeous – Blake Hawkins Tromanhauser

To seamlessly connect companies with job seeking professionals from around the world

Janeous will provide companies the first fully integrated talent identification system designed to reduce the time Human Resource Departments spend looking for talent while increasing the number of quality interviews performed: resulting in better fitting candidates for in-person interviews.

Janeous will provide job seeking professionals a platform to interview with top companies, while maintaining the dignity of their information: resulting in better fitting companies for in-person interviews.
Linkedin: Blake Hawkins Tromanhauser

Peoplewave – Damien Cummings

Peoplewave is Asia’s leading HR software company powered by blockchain technology. It is revolutionising people management with data-driven, transparent feedback and verified performance data. Peoplewave offers 3 key products – the “First 100 Days”​: a new hire onboarding tool; “Performance Wave”​: continuous 360-degree performance appraisals; And the “HR Command Centre”​ analytics suite, which unlocks employee data and insights.

Peoplewave’s software suite is blockchain-ready – our blockchain platform is called “Wavebase”​. Wavebase is a revolutionary platform that provides ongoing verified employee performance information that will change the face of hiring and managing workplace talent.
Linkedin: Damien Cummings

Indorse – Gaurang Torvekar

Indorse.io – The Professional Networking Platform of Web 3.0 on Ethereum Blockchain A Skill Based Professional Network that gives Data Ownership back to the Users What is Indorse? β€˜Indorse’ is a revolutionary platform using new models of tokenization and decentralization to change the shape of professional social networking. Unlike traditional platforms such as LinkedIn, Indorse aims to give back ownership of the data to you, as the user, and allow you to profit from sharing your skills and activities on the platform. Indorse uses rewards and a reputation system to incentivize users to add their accomplishments and endorse those of others. Advertisers in turn purchase space on the site, which creates revenue for the platform. This revenue, along with other revenue streams, is shared with the users who created the content.

Linkedin: Gaurang Torvekar

Blonk Group – Vincent Maillard

We want to help the right talents and hiring managers find each other. Talents want dream jobs and Companies want top talents – Blonk is the place where they can find their match.

Linkedin: Vincent Maillard

Panalyt – Daniel West

Panalyt uses analytics and insights from your data that’s scattered across different HR systems, bringing it all together in their sleek and intuitive data integration interface.

They put actionable people analytics in the hands of managers across your organisation, using the Panalyt Dashboard to understand and drive improvements in your talent’s turnover, recruitment, diversity, engagement and performance.

Panalyt’s AI driven insights will keep track of important trends in your organization to help you make better people decisions.
Linkedin: Daniel West

Be Inclusive – Laurindo Garcia

BE INCLUSIVE’s mission is to make the world a more inclusive place for all. Through an inclusivity certification scheme, they demonstrate how inclusivity improves your business bottomline.

BE INCLUSIVE is more than a mere directory of businesses. They are building an ecosystem of consumers and businesses that embrace inclusive as the driving forward towards a better future for everyone.

Their vision of the future is one where consumers living with disabilities in Manila have greater confidence visiting new restaurants or applying for new jobs.

They see businesses in the Tokyo of the future having a greater capacity for innovation.

They envisage the future cities of Asia thriving the face of environmental challenges. All made possible because previously excluded people and communities are embraced and participating fully in the economy and society as a whole.
Linkedin: Laurindo Garcia

JobMaze – Raja Shah

JobMaze is an early stage startup developing an AI powered online talent matching platform. Founded by Raja Shah, the company is based out of Singapore and is currently seeking Seed funding for further development and launch of the product with plans to rapidly expand into markets like India, US etc.

Linkedin: Raja Shah