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UEX – Gregoire Rastoul & Clement Bouthelier

UEX is an online health insurance platform which acts as an end-to-end solutions provider for all stakeholders i.e. individuals, SMEs, insurance companies & insurance sales intermediaries. The co-founders Greg and Clement talk about the problems in the insurance industry which they are trying to address and how they are differentiating themselves from competition. They share their personal “WHY”, their motivation behind setting up this startup, are candid about the failures & mistakes they have made along the way and how they have used the lessons learnt through the mistakes positively in the business.
Linkedin: Gregoire Rastoul

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“A great experience! Great for profile building.”

“Thanks again for having me on the podcast, it was a great experience and has been great for profile building. It was a really well produced, professional experience and I think any founder will find it valuable.”
– Daniel West, CEO Panalyt
(former HR Head for Apple & Uber)

Panalyt appeared on Pitchdeck Asia to raise awareness of their pre-Series A raise and pitch to potential employees who want to join the team.

Founders Describe Their Pitchdeck Experience

Amrish Nair CEO Founder Biorithm

“It was fun… Normal pitch competitions are stressful. This way, however, it was stress-free and relaxed. We got to say everything we wanted.”

Adrien Jorge & John Khoo – Propseller, the technology real estate agency

Adrien Jorge and John Khoo are back in the studio for an update on their journey with Propseller. Since the last appearance, Propseller has evolved and is now focused on creating an end to end experience in property sales, addressing the key challenges of property sellers. Adrien share insights on closure rates as well as other key metrics in the Singapore property industry.

Adrien Jorge on Linkedin

Linkedin: Balazs Molnar & Linkedin: Csaba Kassai

Awakened Mind – Julien Remond

Staying mindful during our work day is key to both happiness and productivity. Yet, as much as we want to practise mindfulness every day, it’s not easy in a world that constantly demands our attention. Julien Remond at Awakened Mind wants to improve creativity, workplace culture and mental wellness through group mindfulness. Their mindfulness app is part of a wider toolkit to help organizations, leaders and employees practise meditation and awareness on a daily basis.

Linkedin: Julien Remond

Sleek – Adrien Barthel

Made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Sleek helps incorporate and manage your company governance with simple and efficient online tools. Our pricing is transparent, we use the latest smart technology, and are committed to help you in your journey.

Sleek is a cloud based corporate services platform aimed at busy founders.
We incorporate companies in Singapore, and help them manage their corporate governance, accounting and tax operations using clever technology.
Launched in May 2017 by founders who were frustrated at how slow and paper-based the incorporation process was, Sleek is the first smart corporate services platform in Singapore.
Since our commercial roll out in September 2017, we have incorporated hundreds of happy companies. Offering 100% digital incorporation, company secretary services, and accounting & tax compliance, we’re just getting started….
Linkedin: Adrien Barthel

Tutoroo – Nicolas Vanhove

TUTOROO is a marketplace connecting students with qualified tutors nearby, thus effectively simplifying the process for both the students and tutors. It allows tutors to choose their hours and receive payments from students directly while letting students to search for tutors based on their location preferences.

TUTOROO has students and teachers across locations like Hong Kong, Singapore, Brisbane, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Wellington, Christchurch, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.
Linkedin: Nicolas Vanhove

Vokabee – Camil Torabully

VokaBee is a digital teaching assistant that increases the efficiency and engagement of learning a new language. Our web-app uses AI to create language exercises for school teachers out of any type document.
We help teacher save 50% time as:
● VokaBee creates exercises using words in context.
● VokaBee marks exercises automatically.
● VokaBee tracks student progress.
Linkedin: Camil Torabully

Healint – Maryline Marquet

Maryline Marquet, COO – Healint, joined Graham Brown in the Pitchdeck Asia studio to talk about their company. She takes us through her personal journey working across geographies, with corporates in the field of Finance & Pharmaceuticals and her motivation & transition into the startup world. We also learn how Healint is working towards helping a huge majority of people suffering from common ailment like migraine and their endeavor to alleviate the issues prevalent due to under-diagnosis & improper diagnosis of this very common health issue.
Maryline Marquet

Blonk Group – Vincent Maillard

We want to help the right talents and hiring managers find each other. Talents want dream jobs and Companies want top talents – Blonk is the place where they can find their match.

Linkedin: Vincent Maillard