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Love18 – Eddie Lee

Love 18 chocolates
Everything we do, we believe in sharing love and delivering happiness will make the world a better place. We believe in empowering and inspiring people to live their life to fullest.
Every product we made is carefully hand-crafted base on 3P principles, where happiness is effectively deliver.
PURPOSE – inspiring story to tell
PRODUCT – deliciously connected
PRESENTATION – simple but luxury
This is the Love18 Artisan Chocolates
Love your life? Live it!
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Who Enters Pitchdeck Asia?

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“A great experience! Great for profile building.”

“Thanks again for having me on the podcast, it was a great experience and has been great for profile building. It was a really well produced, professional experience and I think any founder will find it valuable.”
– Daniel West, CEO Panalyt
(former HR Head for Apple & Uber)

Panalyt appeared on Pitchdeck Asia to raise awareness of their pre-Series A raise and pitch to potential employees who want to join the team.

Founders Describe Their Pitchdeck Experience

Amrish Nair CEO Founder Biorithm

“It was fun… Normal pitch competitions are stressful. This way, however, it was stress-free and relaxed. We got to say everything we wanted.”

Lembas – Alvin Chong

We believe everyone should have the time and freedom to do what they love. Lembas is a full meal, in 1 drink. All the macro and micronutrients the human body needs to thrive. Lembas saves you time and energy so you can be your best self.
Let’s live!

Linkedin: Alvin Chong

Little Oak Organics – Elke Pascoe

LittleOak Organics is a boutique health and nutrition company making nutritional products for infants and children. They want to be the true home of the world’s best infant and children’s nutrition.

Their range of organic infant formula and toddler milks are handcrafted and produced in Australia from the highest-quality organic goats milk & other additional essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which come from natural sources.
Linkedin: Elke Pascoe