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Shanu Mehta – MMC Convert, hassel-free accounting data migration

MMC Convert helps with accounting data migration, making the move from one software to the next a hassel-free experience. Co-founder Shanu Mehta joins Graham Brown in Pikkal studio today to share the story of MMC Convert: how it came about, and how it is solving small business’s problems.

Shanu Mehta on Linkedin

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“A great experience! Great for profile building.”

“Thanks again for having me on the podcast, it was a great experience and has been great for profile building. It was a really well produced, professional experience and I think any founder will find it valuable.”
– Daniel West, CEO Panalyt
(former HR Head for Apple & Uber)

Panalyt appeared on Pitchdeck Asia to raise awareness of their pre-Series A raise and pitch to potential employees who want to join the team.

Founders Describe Their Pitchdeck Experience

Amrish Nair CEO Founder Biorithm

“It was fun… Normal pitch competitions are stressful. This way, however, it was stress-free and relaxed. We got to say everything we wanted.”

Progate – Masa Kato

Progate is a knowledge platform to help people learn programming from the beginning. Educated in both Australia and Japan, founder Masa Kato shares his story on building a product that is popular with Japanese consumers and taking that product into Asia with a base in Singapore.
Linkedin: Masa Kato

Gerald Ang & Stephen Tracy – Milieu

It’s with much excitement I can introduce my next guests Asia because they’ve been on their own startup journey – Steven Tracy and Gerald And from Milieu. Since we last met in the studio, over 12 months ago, Milieu has grown from 12 to 39 people and successfully raised a series A round. Their journey continues to evolve as they are launching new market research products to help both government agencies and brands understand the underlying sentiments of consumers during the Covid19 period.

Gerald Ang and Stephen Tracy on Linkedin

reSET – Xiaoyin Shen


Shen Xiaoyin, Founder of reSET, joined Graham Brown in the Pitchdeck Asia studio to tell us about her journey and her motivations for turning from a life of corporate law to startups. reSET is an online app being designed to help people with their relationship management, their first public launch being “Loveberry”. They plan to raise their seed funding to enable them to expand and enter new market.
Linkedin: Shen Xiaoyin

Joompa – Anisa Hassan


Joompa is the world’s first, Muslim-friendly dating app. Anisa Hassan, CEO of Joompa, joins Graham Brown to tell us about her app which she started along with 2 other co-founders, one of them being her husband.

She has 15+ years of experience building a successful offline matchmaking business and wanted to bring that experience onto the online dating service to overcome the problems faced by users, especially muslims, with the currently available dating apps.
Linkedin: Anisa Hassan

Asia Law Network – Cherilyn Tan


Asia Law Network was founded to provide clients with lightning-fast access to Asia’s lawyers. We partner with the top firms across Asia and create a one-stop portal connecting you to the lawyer you need. For the individual, It can be tiring spending hours searching online for a lawyer, leaving voicemails and asking friends for recommendations. We envisioned a place where you could log in, filter results by region, language and law specialty and search with confidence, knowing that the information for every lawyer in the network is up-to-date.
Linkedin: Cherilyn Tan

Neurosensum – Rajiv Lamba

Rajiv Lamba from Neurosensum joins us in the Pitchdeck Asia Singapore studio to share his vision for research in Asia. We discuss how research is moving beyond simply asking people for responses to actually measuring their subconscious behavior and emotions. The conversation touches upon the use of tech in research such as EEG and Virtual Reality. We also discuss how Surveysensum wants to make research affordable to SMEs across Asia with immediate reporting and feedback.

Linkedin: Rajiv Lamba

Rock Human Devices – Stuart Kerr


Rock Human Devices now rebranded as AKUOS: Working on the world’s most stylish bone conduction hearing aid. We are making people hear after previously giving up all hope. Founded by ex-Dyson engineer, Stuart Kerr, AKUOS wants to remove the stigma from bone-conductive hearing loss and make medical devices cool.
Linkedin: Stuart Kerr