Pavel Bulowski – Meiro

Pavel Bulowski – Meiro

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Pavel Bulowski – Meiro

Meiro is a data company with a business hub in Singapore and R&D in Czech Republic. We are building Customer Data Platform (CDP) that unifies your customer behavior data into one actionable view. It’s an easy-to-deploy data layer that sits between your data – CRM, DMP, offline, online, apps, social, IoT, and more – and the teams and platforms that can use that data right now.

First-party data is the new black. User IDs, transactional data, and opted-in contact information are far more valuable than any big agency database. Meiro unifies your customer data, providing cross-platform identification and real-time alerts for your teams when new leads come in, old leads fall off, or previous customers are exiting your brand.

With Meiro, it’s easy to create audiences and distribute them among teams and platforms: Trade desks, DMPs, marketing automation, email, social ads, and more. No more IT requests – just action.