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Key Data

Category: HRTech (Blockchain Enable People Management Software)
Founded: Singapore, 2017
Stage: Series A
Founders: Damien Cummings (CEO) & Phil Aldridge (CTO)



  • Raising $5 million Series A in 2019 (Lead investor for the Series A already identified).
  • Seed fund of $710K raised at $3 million valuation in 2017.
  • Looking for smart money & partners to resell products.




  • Globally 70% of employees are unhappy & 80% of unhappiness comes from direct manager.
  • 30% of new employees are looking for jobs within 6 months of joining.
  • Market Size in monetary terms not defined by the Startup.


  • Managers not trained in people management & social skills.
  • Unfairness in employee reviews & people management –
    – Performance & Value of an employee is dependent on the manager defining how well employee has met the goals and his/her personal relations with the employee.
    – Lack of ways to measure employee’s worth basis their good relationships or work skills.
  • Employee performance data from previous roles lost to the employee on shifting jobs.


  • HR Software solution to handle entire employee journey in a company.
  • Converting Employee performance to actionable data points to help decision making on people related matters like on-boarding, performance review, recruitment and attrition.
  • Ownership of Employee data given to the employee – Performance Score card across companies available with employee when switching jobs.

Revenue Model

  • SAAS model for revenue generation
  • Current client list of 800+ companies using two Peoplewave Products ($500K annual turnover in 2018 – achieved break-even).


  • Founder team with 25+ years experience in Digital Transformation, Marketing & Technology – Ex Standard Chartered, Coca Cola, Samsung, Phillips, Ogilvy, McKinsey.
  • 18 Member team with experienced management across Singapore, HK, Australia and Software Development team in Philippines.

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