Elke Pascoe – LittleOak Organics

Elke Pascoe – LittleOak Organics

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Elke Pascoe – LittleOak Organics

LittleOak Organics is a boutique health and nutrition company making nutritional products for infants and children. We exist for one reason: to be the true home of the world’s best infant and children’s nutrition. We are devoted to making the very best, natural and organic infant formula that nourish babies and toddlers to grow, thrive and flourish.

Our range of organic infant formula and toddler milks are handcrafted and produced in Australia from the highest-quality organic goats milk. The additional essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals come from the absolute highest quality, from the most natural sources, and we have removed unnecessary heat processes to maximise nutritional value for your baby.