Pitchdeck Asia Season 9


Biosensorix – Luka Fajs

Biosensorix is a privately held diagnostic company that provides affordable tools enabling fast and accurate life-saving decisions. The company is focused on bringing quantitation to rapid point-of-care testing, allowing earlier and precise treatment that will benefit patients in developing countries and worldwide. The initial technologies target dengue diagnosis and will extend to disease marker detection areas where quantitation is vital and currently unmet.
Linkedin: Luka Fajs

Spare Parts 3D – Paul Guillaumot

Spare Parts 3D supports manufacturers and industrial spare parts users to increase their spares availability by producing them on-demand using Additive Manufacturing. We digitize spare parts inventory and enable to produce them anywhere, anytime, in the shortest delay, leveraging our worldwide network of 3D printers. Our technology drastically cuts your warehousing costs and shortens the supply chain. Additive manufacturing enables you to produce on-demand and locally, and we believe it is a game-changer for the industry.
Linkedin: Paul Guillaumot

MagLoft – Nicholas Martin

MagLoft helps publishers and digital agencies to create native iOS and Android apps, web versions and desktop apps for digital editions. MagLoft clients can signup for free and start to create, curate and upload content right away. They can use our powerful HTML5 editor to enhance both PDF and HTML content with rich media and more. Once ready to publish, clients simply submit some basic information and graphics about their magazine and click a button. MagLoft takes care of customizing, compiling and submitting the native iOS and Android apps to the app stores, and creates store listings, in app products/purchases and screenshots automatically.

Linkedin: Nicholas Martin

Blonk Group – Vincent Maillard

We want to help the right talents and hiring managers find each other. Talents want dream jobs and Companies want top talents – Blonk is the place where they can find their match.

Linkedin: Vincent Maillard

Jambro – Shahzaib Zulfiqar

The Future of Music is Live!

Jambro is a market network for musicians. We enable musicians, event organizers, music venues and fans to collaborate and create opportunities like never before. We’re using technology to create a decentralized ecosystem that opens up the world of live music to anyone who wants to take part in shaping its future.

Our mission is to connect musicians with opportunities to play. We partner with brands that support live music as well as event organizers and music venues that are always looking for new talent to create new opportunities for the Jambro community. The Jambro app places musicians at the center of the live music ecosystem and completely disrupts the way artists are presented, discovered and booked in the industry.
Linkedin: Shahzaib Zulfiqar

Joompa – Anisa Hassan

Joompa is the world’s first, Muslim-friendly dating app. Anisa Hassan, CEO of Joompa, joins Graham Brown to tell us about her app which she started along with 2 other co-founders, one of them being her husband.

She has 15+ years of experience building a successful offline matchmaking business and wanted to bring that experience onto the online dating service to overcome the problems faced by users, especially muslims, with the currently available dating apps.
Linkedin: Anisa Hassan