Pitchdeck Asia Season 6


OxfordCaps – Annu Talreja

Fed up of running around, talking to brokers, searching multiple websites and making too many phone calls for finding your home sweet home in Singapore? Frustrated by multiple bad roommate and housemate choices? The good news is you are not alone. We faced the same problems during our quest to find our new home and family in a new country, and that is why we founded #Oxfordcaps.

#Oxfordcaps is an online community to help students connect and interact with other students – be it finding your perfect home or roommate, #Oxfordcaps is there for you. We curate residential and purpose-built student accommodation options through our web platform. Now you are empowered with an arsenal of information that you need in a new country; from accommodation listings (with videos of how each space looks like), lifestyle related content so you know what to do in Singapore, and a community of fellow students! The #OCarsenal will help you chill and concentrate on what really matters – your #studentlife!
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Bluewhale Foundation – Will Lee

Blue Whale Foundation aims to create the earth’s most worker-centric ecosystem. We are forming the largest network of employment and service pool for business and individuals to connect autonomously in the hyperconnected community which works for all and is owned by all. Decentralised network disrupts existing centralised platforms which have monopolised public resources, exacerbated economic inequality and increased the wealth gap. Blue Whale’s W.O.R.K. system is a revolutionary, sustainable cycle that fuels Sharing Economy. Whether you are a self-employed or a owner of small business, your benefit and welfare will be covered. The transparency achieved through blockchain technology means your earnest contribution in the market will be returned to you through Blue Whale’s Reward Bank. Coupled with no commission and free tools mean you no longer have to count pennies for marketing and advertising budget for your services.

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Lembas – Alvin Chong

We believe everyone should have the time and freedom to do what they love. Lembas is a full meal, in 1 drink. All the macro and micronutrients the human body needs to thrive. Lembas saves you time and energy so you can be your best self.
Let’s live!

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Cloudzen – Robin Tan

Cloudzen is the Leading Cloud Gaming and Mobile Entertainment Platform as Service offering various means of communications channels through digital entertainment via game stores, communities and social networks.

GameCloud serves as the digital distribution platform across platforms, moreover offering numerous solutions through different aspects.

Instant streaming of games through handheld devices, multiplayer gaming, video streaming and social networking tools. Availability of performing management and admin actions across the range of operations.

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Janio – Nathaniel Yim

Janio was formed in early 2018 when a group of young logisticians spotted a gap in the Southeast Asian ecosystem for simple, seamless logistics solutions. We set out to integrate the logistics chain by establishing strategic partnerships with a wide network of quality service providers, connecting our clients with our logistics partners through our proprietary data-driven platform. We are passionate about simplifying logistics to give our clients control over their supply chain.

Linkedin: Nathaniel Yim

Turnkey Lender – Dmitry Voronenko

Turnkey Lender provides cloud-based loan management systems that automate the entire origination and account servicing process. With Turnkey Lender you are getting all our expertise in credit risk management and lending automation in the form of a customizable convenient out-of-the-box solution. We are a global leader and have over 10 years of experience in creating and distributing innovative lending software solutions. Our customer support is 24/7. Turnkey Lender is a comprehensive cloud system capable of quick, secure, and accurate automatic borrowers’ evaluation, and financing decision making.

Linkedin: Dmitry Voronenko

Speedoc – Shravan Verma

Speedoc was founded in 2017 in Singapore, comprising of doctors, engineers and business executives that wanted to prove medical care need not be a lengthy, cumbersome experience. With the ageing population to address and improved access to technology, Speedoc built a complete end-to-end system for doctors and patients, so that house call doctor services can be provided with ease and minimal burden to people in the community. With Speedoc, home medical services need not be limited to only immobile patients, but to everyday people who may require GP or A&E visits for themselves or their loved ones.

Linkedin: Shravan Verma