Pitchdeck Asia Season 5


Takupa – Kai-Yin Lin

Kai-Yin Lin, founder of Takupa, joins Graham Brown in the ATP studio to tell us about his Shared Parking App which their company has worked on and pilot launched for the Taipei city. Takupa is working in the space of mobility and logistics for heralding in solutions for smart city. They look to ease the problem of scarcity of parking spaces in Taipei city with their app. Currently raising their seed round to further develop their platform and reach, Kai-Yin Lin is constantly on the move. Listen to the entire episode to know the entire founder story, his reasons for starting Takupa, their motivations and work behind the app and the road map ahead.
Linkedin: Kai-Yin Lin

Mover – Jitendra Shingrupe

Jitendra Shingrupe, founder of Mover, joined Graham Brown in studio to talk to us about his startup. Mover is an E-Scooter ride sharing app which looks to help consumers in their first/last mile travel with dockless E-scooters. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, the company has a presence in India and is looking to expand into Singapore and New Zealand markets. They are currently raising Seed capital for funding their expansion across these 4 geographies.

Linkedin: Jitendra Shingrupe

ULA – Dhana Sekar Balakrishnan

ULA is a B2B ride hailing app for Corporates and Travel & Hospitality industry companies. Founder Dhana Sekar Balakrishnan, set up this startup in Singapore in 2017 as an alternative to the currently available ride hailing apps for corporates & tourists keeping their requirements in mind. They are currently raising Seed capital to develop their platform and expand it to other SEA markets.

Linkedin: Dhana Sekar Balakrishnan

JobMaze – Raja Shah

JobMaze is an early stage startup developing an AI powered online talent matching platform. Founded by Raja Shah, the company is based out of Singapore and is currently seeking Seed funding for further development and launch of the product with plans to rapidly expand into markets like India, US etc.

Linkedin: Raja Shah

BlinQ – Bob Chua

Bob Chua, Founder of BlinQ joined Graham Brown in the ATP studio to take us through his life journey, talk to us about his previous pursuits and shed light on his latest venture.

BlinQ is a luxury fashion ecommerce platform which leverages AR technology to give the users the unique experience of virtually trying on what they are shopping in a virtual showroom set-up. It plans to be the end-to-end solutions provider for luxury fashion shoppers and have recently raised US$ 2 Million in Seed capital with plans to raise Series A in a few months time. The core team is based out of Malaysia and they are looking to expand their entire operations team to rapidly grow the business across geographies.

Linkedin: Bob Chua

LifeVitae – Priya Sengupta

Priya Sengupta, Founder for LifeVitae joins Graham Brown in the ATP studio to share her life story and take us through the journey of her startup LifeVitae which looks to disrupt a space carrying a process with 500+ years of legacy.

Over the 40 mins conversation, Priya, who has vast experience in the Education, Research and Consulting fields, talks about how her interaction with students during her teaching stint cemented her belief in starting LifeVitae. She illuminates the multiple ways her solution will help students, startup founders, corporates, SMEs, university programs, etc. connect with their correct target audience or even a particular individual.

Linkedin: Priya Sengupta

Absolute – Mannan Pacha & Harsh Vardhan Sharma

Absolute is a very early stage startup, founders Mannan Pacha & Harsh Vardhan Sharma join Graham Brown in the ATP studio to talk to us about the idea behind Absolute. During the 40 min conversation, we listen to some interesting tales of how these two young entrepreneurs are working on their product to provide solution to a range of different industries in solving couple of their most pertinent issues.

We learn more about the two founders, how they met as being part of the cohort at Antler and sequence of events which led them to team up and start their company.

Linkedin: Mannan Pacha
Linkedin: Harsh Vardhan Sharma

Good For Food – Rayner Loi

Rayner Loi, founder of Good For Food, joins Graham Brown in the ATP studio to share his story about how he came about with the idea for his company and the path he took to start the business while still studying. He talks to us about his motivations, plans and also on how he brought on his co-founder into his team.

Food Wastage is an enormous global problem and Good For Food wants to provide solutions to take action right at the root cause to avoid the waste.

Linkedin: Rayner Loi