Pitchdeck Asia Season 3


Meiro – Pavel Bulowski

Meiro is a data company with a business hub in Singapore and R&D in Czech Republic. We are building Customer Data Platform (CDP) that unifies your customer behavior data into one actionable view. It’s an easy-to-deploy data layer that sits between your data – CRM, DMP, offline, online, apps, social, IoT, and more – and the teams and platforms that can use that data right now.

First-party data is the new black. User IDs, transactional data, and opted-in contact information are far more valuable than any big agency database. Meiro unifies your customer data, providing cross-platform identification and real-time alerts for your teams when new leads come in, old leads fall off, or previous customers are exiting your brand.

With Meiro, it’s easy to create audiences and distribute them among teams and platforms: Trade desks, DMPs, marketing automation, email, social ads, and more. No more IT requests – just action.
Linkedin: Pavel Bulowski

Zave – Alan Schmoll

In 2017, we paired experienced engineers with leading accountants, corporate secretaries, tax advisers and payroll specialists, to build a technology-driven corporate services firm that redesigned corporate services from the ground up. Our main goal was simple: to save clients time and money, to provide them with more insight, and to enable them to focus on growing their businesses and managing their assets.

Say goodbye to long, opaque emails, excel spreadsheets and PDFs. And say hello to cloud-based corporate services, modern messaging systems and digital signatures. Work with Zave and you will have your accounts professionally prepared and on time, and Singapore’s regulators and tax bureau will get what they need when they need it. So you can spend more time driving your business, managing your assets and doing what you love.

Contact us at [email protected] if you’d like to know more about the companies and funds already using Zave.
Linkedin: Alan Schmoll

Aliz – Balazs Molnar

Aliz is a Big Data and Machine Learning specialized Google partner with offices in Budapest and Singapore.

We build and provide solutions which help companies gain valuable insights into their business, predict the future, and optimize processes.

We help our customers around the world to save costs and fuel growth.
Linkedin: Balazs Molnar

Janeous – Blake Hawkins Tromanhauser

To seamlessly connect companies with job seeking professionals from around the world

Janeous will provide companies the first fully integrated talent identification system designed to reduce the time Human Resource Departments spend looking for talent while increasing the number of quality interviews performed: resulting in better fitting candidates for in-person interviews.

Janeous will provide job seeking professionals a platform to interview with top companies, while maintaining the dignity of their information: resulting in better fitting companies for in-person interviews.
Linkedin: Blake Hawkins Tromanhauser

Galaspace – Harith Bakri

Galaspace is headquarted in the heart of Singapore City. Galaspace is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, book and shares a unique awesome event space and event services. Whether a rooftop or a warehouse. We offer a variety of options for anyone to rent their event space to conduct an awesome and memorable event. Galaspace continues to further the improvement and is always looking forward to expanding.

Galaspace is the One-Stop Centre for your Events

With our passion driven, we thrive to make Galaspace community to be better.

For more info; Don’t hesitate to contact us through [email protected]
Linkedin: Harith Bakri

Aimazing – Jun Ting

Aimazing helps businesses to capture and digitise daily receipt transactions from customers and process it for analysis and more! No need for POS integration! Real-time instantaneous results!
Linkedin: Jun Ting

Biorithm – Amrish Nair

Founded by doctors & engineers, Biorithm is a medical signal processing company which has spun off from Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) in late 2015. Their mission is to build affordable and accessible cutting-edge technologies which benefit the whole healthcare ecosystem through their personalised healthcare data analytics engine.
Linkedin: Amrish Nair

EssayJack – Lindy Ledohowski

Created by award-winning educators, EssayJack is an interactive web platform that pre-structures student essays with text boxes, interactive tips and prompts, split screen composing, and a live word count. It reduces writing anxiety, procrastination, and plagiarism, helping students to write better essays and get the essay help they need. The entire patented EssayJack platform can be customized and allows for rubric-based feedback.
Linkedin: Lindy Ledohowski

BlueMeg – Jan-Arie Bijloos

BlueMeg is an independent corporate services provider, bridging the gap between tailored quality services and the new digital era. Corporate services supported by cutting edge technology to enhance clients’ experience at competitive and transparent pricing.

BlueMeg’s team of industry professionals, are fully committed to providing custom-made solutions to a diverse client base from entrepreneurs, start-ups and SME’s to multinational corporations and institutional investors.
Linkedin: Jan-Arie Bijloos