Pitchdeck Asia Season 11


Progate – Masa Kato

Progate is a knowledge platform to help people learn programming from the beginning. Educated in both Australia and Japan, founder Masa Kato shares his story on building a product that is popular with Japanese consumers and taking that product into Asia with a base in Singapore.
Linkedin: Masa Kato

Flexible Pass – Sully Bholat

Sully Bholat is representing Flexible Pass and the Myanmar startup ecosystem here today in Singapore. Flexible Pass offers local Burmese customers access to gym membership. We discuss the size of the health and fitness market in Myanmar as well as recent developments in the startup ecosystem.
Linkedin: Sully Bholat

Tigerhall – Nellie Wartoft

Tigerhall is a knowledge platform to help people achieve their life goals. Aimed at professionals in corporate careers, Tigerhall gives people access to podcasts, power reads, mentoring and events. CEO Nellie Wartoft shares the story behind the growth of the company in year 1.
Linkedin: Nellie Wartoft

Invsta – Rachel Strevens

Rachel Strevens joins us from Invsta based in New Zealand. Asia’a burgeoning middle classes need their own wealth management services but are incumbent providers like banks best suited to provide? With the entry of disruptive forces like Alibaba and new “digitally native” banks, traditional providers will find their existing expectations of customer service do not match the needs of the millennial customers. Invsta wants to change that. They provide a white label platform for wealth management that aims to deliver outstanding service.
Linkedin: Rachel Strevens

Butler – Poon Da Qian

Poon Da Qian is the founder of Butler, a platform for domestic cleaning that has extended into a wider set of services in housekeeping. We talk about building a brand around culture and explore case study brands like Hai Di Lao Hot Pot and Zappos.
Linkedin: Poon Da Qian

Happi – Greg Lipper

Greg Lipper, Founder of Happi joins host Graham Brown in the ATP studio to talk about the market research app Happi. Mobiles have made incrusions into the most rural places of Asia and Happi leverages this technological advancement to take market research into the new era. Listen to the entire episode to know more.
Linkedin: Greg Lipper