Pitchdeck Asia Season 10


reSET – Xiaoyin Shen

Shen Xiaoyin, Founder of reSET, joined Graham Brown in the Pitchdeck Asia studio to tell us about her journey and her motivations for turning from a life of corporate law to startups. reSET is an online app being designed to help people with their relationship management, their first public launch being “Loveberry”. They plan to raise their seed funding to enable them to expand and enter new market.
Linkedin: Shen Xiaoyin

The Nurturing Co – David Ward

One time use plastics are a growing environmental problem. Huge pools of plastic trash collecting in our world’s oceans, incinerated as chemicals in our atmosphere are creating a ticking timebomb of pollution for generations to come. How do you deal with it? David Ward and The Nurturing Company want to help companies, retailers and consumers become plastic free. Find out about their plans for the circular economy and their latest product offering – Bambooloo.
Linkedin: David Ward

Wika Media – Roland Benzon & Vic Icasas

Roland Benzon and Vic Icasas join us in the studio to talk about Wika Media. Wika Media provides subtitled, signed and closed caption content. That could mean Tagalog to Mandarin or Tamil to English. Roland & Vic call this “companion content” and it isn’t limited to subtitles but also expands to include fan generated commentaries, fan dubs and director behind-the-scene podcasts. The Asia to Asia market is growing rapidly, and with it a rich and varied long tail of media that sits outside the traditional publishing model of English focused content.
Linkedin: Roland Benzon

Healint – Maryline Marquet

Maryline Marquet, COO – Healint, joined Graham Brown in the Pitchdeck Asia studio to talk about their company. She takes us through her personal journey working across geographies, with corporates in the field of Finance & Pharmaceuticals and her motivation & transition into the startup world. We also learn how Healint is working towards helping a huge majority of people suffering from common ailment like migraine and their endeavor to alleviate the issues prevalent due to under-diagnosis & improper diagnosis of this very common health issue.
Maryline Marquet

The Woof Agency – Jane Peh & Tay Sijun

The Woof Agency founders, Jane Peh & Tay Sijun, joined host Graham Brown in the Pitchdeck Asia studio to give an insight into their unique Pet Influencer Marketing agency and the dynamics surrounding this growing market around pets. Jane and Tay discuss the problem they are trying to solve and how their agency plays a role in finding solutions for SMEs looking to launch marketing campaigns using pets as influencers. Jane & Tay explain how they differentiate themselves from the bigger agencies sharing anecdotes about some of their campaigns and pet animals featured. The Woof Agency, is currently actively raising funds to build and expand their platform.
Linkedin: Jane Peh

SEEM – Seema Sutradhar

Seema Sutradhar joins us on Pitchdeck Asia today to share her vision for addressing the key challenges facing global banks in finance, regulation and compliance. The 2008 financial crisis and global money laundering are the product of a more endemic issue – organizational culture and management of risk. With an integrated platform powered by Big Data and Machine Learning we can move from crude rules-based compliance and workflows to intelligent risk management.
Linkedin: Seema Sutradhar

UEX – Gregoire Rastoul & Clement Bouthelier

UEX is an online health insurance platform which acts as an end-to-end solutions provider for all stakeholders i.e. individuals, SMEs, insurance companies & insurance sales intermediaries. The co-founders Greg and Clement talk about the problems in the insurance industry which they are trying to address and how they are differentiating themselves from competition. They share their personal “WHY”, their motivation behind setting up this startup, are candid about the failures & mistakes they have made along the way and how they have used the lessons learnt through the mistakes positively in the business.
Linkedin: Gregoire Rastoul

Kristal.AI – Asheesh Chanda

Asheesh Chanda, founder of Kristal.ai, joins Graham Brown in the Pitchdeck Asia studio to talk about his journey from the corporate banking and finance industry to startup life. Kristal.ai is an online Digital Wealth Manager which leverages AI to provide customized financial advisory solutions to the Mass affluent segment, a target segment mostly missed by Private banks & RoboAdvisory platforms. Currently present in 3 countries with plans to expand and raise Series A in Q3 2019.
Asheesh Chanda

Really – Joerg Zeugner

Joerg Zeugner, Founder of Really, joined Graham Brown in the Pitchdeck Asia studio to tell us about his journey from corporate life to startup life. Really is an online app looking to provide an end-to-end services for real estate property management by incorporating features to give complete transparency of process and stage as well as including an online marketplace for services. They are a seed stage startup and plan to raise their 2nd round of seed funding to top up their last raise so as to enable them to enter new market.
Linkedin: Joerg Zeugner