Pitchdeck Asia Review Show – Unique Startups

We have a lot of great examples of tech startups making it to the top in their category. But then there are the ones who have fought against odd and created a new category altogether following their passion. In this episode of Pitchdeck Asia Review we talk about the weird and wonderful startups unearthing some of the nooks and crannies of humanities.

Pitchdeck Asia Review Show – Hiring the Right talent

The biggest challenge of a startup founder isn’t raising funds (that’s quite easy today in the current climate), the harder challenge is finding good people to work for your startup. Finding people who want to be part of this adventure, want to go and put a dent in this universe as Steve Jobs puts it. In this episode we talk about the people who have come on our show last year and have successfully hired using storytelling.

Pitchdeck Asia Review Show – Startup Founders That have Raised Funds

Fundraising is not necessarily a difficult task in this day and age but finding “good investors” is a little harder, so it’s important to tell a good story to get the right people on board. In this episode we are going to review some of the better Pitchdeck Asia pitches from the show from our last year of startups. We’re gonna tell a bit about the success stories and share some advice to you as a startup founder, what works when you want to raise funds for your startup.

Pitchdeck Asia Review Show – Startup Founders with Great Stories

Pitchdeck Asia has had over 100 startups on the show. These startups have been all different types, sizes, often Post-Seed startups all the way to Post-Series A. Watch this Pitchdeck Asia Review as we discuss some of the highlights from the last year, what we learnt in talking to these startup founders and how they have told their stories such that they have become memorable.

Startups Featured in this Show:

Seamiles –


Propine –


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