Bert Grobben – Budding Innovations

Bert Grobben – Budding Innovations

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Bert Grobben – Budding Innovations

Budding Innovations Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore headquartered firm with a global reach, that focuses on Technology Commercialization by closing the maturity gap between new innovations and the multiple needs of a commercial product. The firm specializes in working with deep technology owners, and translates the technology’s potential into a go-to-market strategy, and the hands-on execution and delivery thereof. The technology expertise and verticals of focus are targeting BioWellness, Advanced materials, CleanTech, Life Sciences and MedTech.

Budding Innovations aims for a significantly higher success rate of Deep Tech commercialisation, compared to traditional models. We are independent, unbiased and neutral as we work for the best interest of the technology to drive it towards commercialization. We operate a reward structure that leads to our profitable growth only if our client is successful. As such, we give each incubate and each project the full attention and support it needs to develop it towards market success.