AMA with Sam Gibb

AMA with Investor Sam Gibb

👤 Sam Gibb
📝 Investor
🚀 Partner at Endeavour Ventures
🌐 Singapore

Show Highlights

In this episode, Sam Gibb, an investor & Partner at Endeavour Ventures, joins host Graham Brown in studio and shares his story HOW and WHY he got into the field of investing and the reason he moved from New Zealand to Singapore.

Over the 50 minute conversation about investing, startups & entrepreneurs, Sam gives startup founders many tips and valuable advice regarding what investors and fund managers gauge while meeting with them. He talks about some of the dos & don’ts founders should keep in mind and also tells us what raises a red flag for him when he meets with potential startup founders for investment. Listen to the entire episode to know more.

About the Angel Investor

Sam Gibb has 10+ years of experience in financial analysis, portfolio management and in advisory & investment roles. He is a partner at Endeavour Ventures, a sector agnostic fund which invests in startups from SEA in their seed to series A stage. Endeavour Ventures is actively looking to invest in the equity of companies that are building the infrastructure for the crypto economy.

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