AMA with Joseph Mocanu

AMA with Angel Investor Joseph Mocanu

👤 Joseph Mocanu
📝 Angel Investor
🚀 Managing Partner at Verge HealthTech Fund
🌐 Singapore

Show Highlights

In this episode, Joseph Mocanu, angel investor & Managing Partner at Verge HealthTech Fund, shares with host Graham Brown the WHY behind his career as an Angel Investor and the lessons learnt from his experiences & failures.

Over the 45 minute conversation, they talk about investing, startups & entrepreneurs, giving us many take aways pertaining to what investors need to know about startup founders, how and where they meet their potential investment opportunities and when he believes is the best time to meet startup founders for discussions. He also gives tips to startup founders on how to approach investors and how they should be prepare for investor meet-ups. Listen to the entire episode to know more.

About the Angel Investor

Joseph Mocanu has 15+ years of experience in investments & startup world. His fund invests in the HealthTech space and looks for technology-led solutions that enable prevention, health system efficiency, or definitive cures.

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