AMA with Angel Investors Rina Neoh & Steven Liew

AMA with Angel Investors Rina Neoh & Steven Liew

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AMA with Angel Investors Rina Neoh & Steven Liew

This episode’s featured guests, Steven Liew & Rina Neoh, are long time friends of our show host Graham Brown, with their relations going back to their time in Fukuoka, Japan. In this conversation, we hear from them about their time in Japan and their journey together as investors & friends.

Over the hour long conversation, the two ace investors talk about the important values they look for in startup founders and also tell us about their own personal areas of interest when it comes to investing in a startup. We hear from them some of the dos and don’ts which a startup founder should follow when pitching to an investor.

They also share their excitement with us about the upcoming PitchDeck Connect event on 20th March 2019 and tell us how they hope to benefit from this event which is bringing together Angel Investors and Startup founders in a unique, casual conversational environment.