Alexander Wallestam – Massfluencer

Alexander Wallestam – Massfluencer

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Alexander Wallestam – Massfluencer

Massfluencer is the market leading influencer platform with its intelligent algorithms, analytics, big data and 1,2 million high performing influencers in over 200 countries. The future of marketing is changing. It is driven by high-performing influencers, often called micro influencers. They are the new oil for the marketing industry with their creativity, expertise, authentic content and high engaging fans. Receiving endorsements from multiple trustworthy sources increases consumer action and purchase intent. Imagine hundreds of them endorsing your brand to millions of loyal and highly engaged followers. Fans who are genuinely interested in your market segment and follow these trendsetters for inspiration and guidance to discover new products or apps, just like yours. Massfluencer achieves exactly this by executing campaigns using Big Data & AI to ensure the best possible outcome on the market. Our algorithms automatically finds the best influencers for your campaign to be successful. We will break through the noise and reach your target audience with a vast number of impressions from numerous influencers with high credibility and relevance to ensure a successful campaign with maximized results.