About Pitchdeck Asia

Pitchdeck Asia is a megaphone for the Asian Startup Ecosystem powered by Pikkal and hosted by Graham D Brown. We give Startups a platform to tell their story. We call this the “longform pitch”.

There are 5 million startups in Asia. Most of these startups are “ugly”. Not personal. The best ones don’t ace pitch competitions. In fact, this thesis is supported by many leading investors such as Jason Calacannis and Paul Graham (Y-Combinator) who said “The best ideas are often disguised as bad ideas”.

The current models of connecting these key stakeholders (pitch competitions, demo days, speed dating, angel networks) are broken. By giving Founders an opportunity to tell their startup story on their own terms we believe we give investors the best insight (what we call the “emotional due diligence”) into the who & why of the startup.

Pikkal & Co Address (Located at Justco UIC)

You can find Pikkal at
(Justco) 10th Floor, UIC Building, 5 Shenton Way (Downtown MRT).

What do I do when I arrive?
Speak to the front desk security or message us on Whatsapp, we’ll come down meet you in the lobby.

About Pikkal

Pikkal is a Podcast Agency and Podcast Tech Platform. We turn ideas into podcasts. We are a Podcast Ageny that creates podcasts in both audio and video, for startups, corporates and storytellers. We have produced over 500 podcasts including Asia Tech Podcast.

The Pikkal Team

About Pitchdeck Asia
Founded by Graham D Brown, Pikkal based in Singapore is a team of entrepreneurs passionate about podcasting.

Pikkal is different from most podcasters in that:
1) We are a team with hosts, sound engineers and show producers
2) We are a full time revenue making Podcast business not a hobby
3) We believe podcasting is a format not a medium
4) We built and run our own dedicated professional podcast agency.