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We are on a mission to find Asia’s best startups.
We want to give Asia’s exciting tech ecosystem a chance to tell their story, in a format that goes deeper than the 10 minute demo day or pitch competition.


Pitchdeck Asia: What is it?

  • Pitchdeck Asia is a podcast recorded in Audio (distributed to iTunes and Spotify) and Video (distributed to Youtube)
  • Pitchdeck Asia is Asia’s only show that gives startups a voice to tell their story in an unhurried, conversational environment
  • All guests are either Founders or Co-Founders of their startups
  • Our audience are angel investors, VCs, Founders and startup ecosystem builders. 80% of the audience are in Asia, 20% outside
  • Pitchdeck Asia startups are generally raising between $250,000 and $10,000,000 US

What YOU said about the Pitchdeck Asia Experience

“Amazing, friendly and knowledgable”

“Thank you to Asia Tech Podcast (ATP.Show) and your amazing, friendly, and knowledgable host Graham Brown for having Team EssayJack in the studio. We had fun.”
– Dr Lindy Ledohowski, CEO EssayJack

EssayJack appeared onto Pitchdeck Asia to raise their profile in Asia and find partners for their Series A raise.

“I could be myself, it felt quite comfortable”

“Usually a pitch scenario can be quite stressful. But, what I liked about this environment was I could be myself, it felt quite comfortable.

It made for great conversation!”
– Laurindo Garcia, CEO BeInclusive

“A great experience! Great for profile building.”

“Thanks again for having me on the podcast, it was a great experience and has been great for profile building. It was a really well produced, professional experience and I think any founder will find it valuable.”
– Daniel West, CEO Panalyt
(former HR Head for Apple & Uber)

Panalyt appeared on Pitchdeck Asia to raise awareness of their pre-Series A raise and pitch to potential employees who want to join the team.

“Great to be part of the show!”

“Thanks for hosting us at Asia Tech Podcast (ATP.Show)! Great to be part of the show!”
– Jan-Arie Bijloos, CEO Bluemeg

Bluemeg appeared on Pitchdeck Asia to seek investors for their post-seed pre-Series A raise and appeal to partners and potential future team members who want to help them build their platform.

Create Remarkable Content Worth Sharing

Our Job is to make you sound PRO

Hey, thanks very much for making me sound so good the other day – all my friends and family have commented on my “voice for radio”!
– Daniel West, CEO Panalyt

We invite all entrants to the Pitchdeck Asia Awards to come to our Singapore studio and record a quality interview with Asia Tech Podcast hosts.

Summary: The Pitchdeck Asia Show

  • Tell your story: go beyond the 10 minute Pitch Competition or Demo Day
  • Pitch forever: create content that keeps pitching even when you’re asleep
  • Get discovered: the Asia Tech Podcast audience covers investors, early stage VCs and ecosystem builders in Asia + beyond
  • No losers: unlike pitching competitions and demo days where only the top 1% get covered, every startup that enters Pitchdeck Asia gets featured.

Pitchdeck Asia Show & Awards FAQ

Q: Can I have the questions beforehand?
A: We don’t send the questions beforehand. We want to make the show conversational rather than a rigid Q&A. It’s important to note we are not journalists, we don’t want to catch you out with tricky questions. Our job is to make you sound good. If you watch previous shows of Pitchdeck Asia, you’ll see common questions asked which will give you a feel for what’s important to our audience.

Q: How long is each show?
A: 35-40 minutes

Q: Does my company need a Pitch deck to appear on the show?
A: Yes please. In PDF, presentation or similar format

Q: Can I use the audio, video and photos from the show?
A: Yes, absolutely – these are great PR & marketing tools. We won’t send you the raw files directly after the show but you’ll be able to access them in the most shareable formats – ie. download the MP3 files from iTunes and embed the video from Youtube.

Q: How much is the assessment fee and what does it pay for?
A: US $150 to cover the assessment and due diligence of each application. Unsuccessful applicants receive full refunds of the fee.

Q: Why do you charge an assessment fee?
A: For 3 reasons. 1) Like you we’re a startup too. We have to make money. This is what we do. AV equipment isn’t cheap! 2) Paying a fee will weed out the timewasters, allowing us to assess only the startups who are serious. This helps our audience of founders and angel investors know that the shows they watch will be worth their time 3) The fee helps reduce no-shows. We maintain a packed schedule. A canceled show is a time slot another startup could have taken.

Q: On what basis would my application be unsuccessful?
A: If your startup doesn’t fit the show format e.g. you are not the company founder, there is no working product, contentious or sensitive content (e.g. adult, political, religious, military, controlled substances etc), or we believe in any way that your interview will lead potential defamation of others, or negative impact on our brand or business.

Q: What kind of startups excite the audience?
A: Founders who have great stories, can answer the question ‘why?’, are fixing a real-world problem and/or can explain their solution clearly to my Grandma.

Q: Who can appear on the show?
A: Founders of companies who are currently raising funds

Q: Can 2 of us appear on the show?
A: We can have up to 2 guests, as long as they are both founders/owners of the company.

Q: Where is the studio?
A: In Bukit Timah, Singapore

Q: What is your studio like?
A: We have a purpose built professional recording studio in Singapore managed by the Podcast Agency.

Q: Can I edit the show before it goes live?
A: No. To retain editorial authenticity, we don’t edit our shows (unless there is a serious mistake). All those “ums” and “ahs” make you sound more human, this is not about manufacturing the kind of sterile pitch you see on conference panel sessions.

Q: Who is the audience?
A: Mainly startup founders and early stage investors (angels, early stage VCs).

Q: Who Decides the Pitchdeck Asia Awards?
A: We put the awards out to public voting of registered Linkedin users. This process generates a lot of traffic and leverages the best platform to raise awareness in front of your target audience (investors, partners, future employees).

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Application fee of $US150 covers:
  • All studio production, setup and research costs
  • 45 minute studio interview with Asia Tech Podcast host
  • Archived video + audio content files
  • BONUS: FREE Entry to Pitchdeck Asia Awards

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